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News : Harry Lucas Travel Scolarship - 2018 Awards


Student: Alexander Harris     Project: Balloon Ventures Africa     Award: £400
Volunteering in east / west Africa. Working for a project which supports local start-up businesses with education, advice, and access to funding in order to increase employment and reduce poverty.
Reading: Economics

Student: Blake Purchase     Project: British Consulate - Dusseldorf     Award: £400
Internship with the Department of International Trade developing UK strategy for boosting exports to, and increasing inward investment from, Germany.
Reading: Politics with German

Student: Elior Doani     Project: Jewish Camps USA     Award: £350
Working in a children’s summer camp as a counsellor and group activity leader. Looking to develop leadership and teamwork skills in a new cultural environment.
Reading: International Management

Student: Emma Shutkever     Project: Tanzania Orphanage     Award: £500
Voluntary work in East Africa. Working in a children’s orphanage, assisting with learning development, day-to-day care, and general running of the facility in an impoverished, and under-resourced area. 
Reading: History

Student: Steven Charles-Mindova     Project: Mandarin Chinese Study     Award: £500
Intensive summer school at the University of Nottingham campus in Kuala Lumpur. Looking to gain language skills to promote uptake in Maths and Physics in parts of Malaysia. 
Reading: Mathematical Physics

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